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Green days

Forest, teal and olive. Green hues imbue this season’s looks with sophisticated elegance, coming in a neo-minimal version paired with neutral colours like white, grey and black. This upbeat, nature-inspired colour palette is synonymous with free and bold femininity.
Trench en Daim var. Verde Militare - CFC0094203003B497Trench en Daim var. Verde Militare - CFC0094203003B497

Trench en Daim

€ 205,00
Sac Vert Militaire - ACV0012220003B159Sac Vert Militaire - ACV0012220003B159


€ 155,00
Veste imprimée var. Bianco Panna - CFC0016734002B438Veste imprimée var. Bianco Panna - CFC0016734002B438

Veste imprimée

€ 159,00
Pantalon imprimé var. Bianco Panna - CFC0016735002B438Pantalon imprimé var. Bianco Panna - CFC0016735002B438

Pantalon imprimé

€ 119,00
Blouse en Satin Acide Vert - CFC0094044003B156Blouse en Satin Acide Vert - CFC0094044003B156

Blouse en Satin

€ 49,00
Jupe var. Blu Ottanio - CFC0094258003B444Jupe var. Blu Ottanio - CFC0094258003B444


€ 129,00
Veste Jacquard var. Blu Ottanio - CFC0094149003B444Veste Jacquard var. Blu Ottanio - CFC0094149003B444

Veste Jacquard

€ 179,00
Pantalon Verde Chiaro - CFC0094241003B413Pantalon Verde Chiaro - CFC0094241003B413


€ 105,00
Chaussures Noir - CAL0005872003B001Chaussures Noir - CAL0005872003B001


€ 125,00